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Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to Celebrate Diwali in An Eco Friendly Way ?

As it comes every year, we do not forget to celebrate Diwali and wish our friends and family. I would like to start my opinion about celebrating Diwali stating it is your choice. You can choose to celebrate in which ever manner you prefer. However, how about having a second thought on how to celebrate Diwali in an Eco friendly way?

There can be multiple reasons why we must celebrate Diwali. But, in my point of view it is another opportunity for us (family, relatives and friends) to get together. I would like to make a strait forward point that bursting crackers is not the healthy way to celebrate Diwali. There are several healthy ways to celebrate Diwali.

Crackers are harming us in several ways. The ill effects of crackers can be listed as follows:
  • Air Pollution
  • Noise Pollution
  • Global Warming
  • Garbage
  • Fires
  • Injuries
If we avoid crackers and start the habit of giving the money, sweet and new dress to the needy, it will be one of the memorable moment.

 Watch the Video About Bringing Humanity Back by Actor Varun Paruthi

Who Makes Money While Celebrating Diwali with Cracker?

It is the company owners who makes money. Are these company owners are really poor? Anyway the poor employees are paid with their salary.

Everyone makes the Diwali moment to work for them. They grow their business in every possible way. I really wonder what does Coca Cola has to do with Diwali. Why llyod tv advertises uses cricket stars to express Diwali wishes. Of course they are making money. But, what is our contribution towards the betterment of our people and country.

As it is stated by Rajinikanth in Sivaji film, the richer and are getting richer and the poor are getting poor. Do you believe that our action can contribute to the betterment of some section of society. How about creating an impact on someone eases life by buying things, contributing and wishing them.

Do you believe each and every decision you make gives an opportunity for someone else to make money? To whom you are giving that opportunity to?

If you decide to eat outside, the hotel owner makes money. But the question is to whom we are giving the opportunity to become better. A person who is already wealthy or to someone who is looking forward to make some extra money to offer a new dress for his kid? So why not we change our buying habits for the betterment of others in need.

If you decide to buy sweets, you can either buy it from any branded retail outlets or get it from your known person. If you give your sweet order to someone from your family member or friends circle who is in the related profession, they will get an opportunity to make some money and lead a better day. It is just a decision away.

The opportunity is in our hands. Let us decide whom to help.

You might have studied this thirukkural in our school days. It talks about, using kind words as a choice instead of harsh words. The kural goes like this:

Iniya Ulavaaga Innaatha Kooral
Kani Iruppa Kai Kavarthattru.

The tamil version is:

இனிய உளவாக இன்னாத கூறல்
கனியிருப்பக் காய் கவர்ந்தற்று
So, I would like to relate this one to our diwali celebration. When there is a healthy way of celebrating diwali, why should we choose the unhealthy action.

Monday, October 24, 2016

APJ Abdul Kalam Inspirational Speeches for Students | SRM University | TR Pachamuthu | Sathyanarayan

Recently I happened to watch a inspirationsl video of Dr. APJ Abdul kalam inspirational speeches for students at SRM University in the presence of the chancellor TR Pachamuthu in kattankulathur, chennai.

I thought of sharing this video to everyone. The level at which our former president was highliy inspiring and exemplary. The legend starts his speech in tamil saying "Nanbarhale! Ungal Ellorukkum Vanakkam". The students raise their support by shouting and getting excited about abdul kalam talking in tamil.

Dr Kalam, speaks about his dream coming true, enlightedned citizen and the how to reach our dreams. The speech is highly motivational and inspiring. A must watch video for everyone who loves Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam.

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