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Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Salute Tamil Nadu People, Tamil Nadu Police and Everyone Who Are Putting their Best Foot Forward to Maintain the Peace

Recently I happened to read one of the facebook post shared by a friend of mine. It really made sense. I thought, I would like to add few ore and share with you in my blog.

In my personal opinion, I would like to respect and salute all people living in tamil nadu and being patient enough to handle the situation. I am really feeling proud that people in our state are matured enough to handle the adverse situation. I can't imagine what will happen, if karnataka buses in tamilnadu were burnt. Remember, its our infrastructure too that will be damaged.

I also read another scenario where a karnataka registered vechicle met with an accident in tirunelvely highway. However, the tamilnadu people around the place made them feel comfortable and removed the fear in their mind. Does it make us feel proud? 

How about sharing such scenarios? 

Another scenario is, the relatives of my house owners left to Bangalore with KA registered vechicle. Infact, we even told them that it is not safe to travel at this tensed situation. However, they still took the opportunity to travel to bangalore. Later, we received the information from them that they were escorted by police from Krishnakiri to Bangalore. 

How safe and proud moment is this? 

We have received couple of videos about tamilnadu people beaten in Karnataka. At the same time, there sevaral karnataka people helped tamilnadu people to be safe by providing the accomodation, food and shelter. What are we going to do for them?

Just notice how humanity is expressed eautifully  Here.

Sharing in Social Media - Do's and Dont's
Now a days, media plays its role in pouring oil in the burning fire. However, we must learn to validate the information and ensure that our action helps to control the situation rather than inspiring someone emotionally. If you read any news related to religion, region, caste or any discrimination that may lead to emotional disaster, it is our duty to validate and to forward the inforation related to it. Just do not blindly forward the inforation as it is. We as an individual is reponsible for everything that happens because of our activity.

The Facebook Post Received From My Friend
In future, if there is any situation occurs,like this, let us pledge that we only promote peace. We shall do anything to bring the situation under control.

For all those people who post memes against the Ruling AIADMK and DMK in Cauvery issue, Think before you post Another meme and instigate people in the name of TAMIL.

If Jayalalitha or Karunanidhi would have issued strong statements like those of Karnataka politicians, TAMILNADU would be burning now.

Then the same people will say "Whats wrong with the government and opposition party in TN, they are doing all these stunts for political reasons, in the name of Language, public properties are destroyed etc."

For those educated idiots who are posting  memes against TN politicians, do you want to have a 
situation like Bangalore where common people are suffering because of politicians?

The image of Bangalore is in drains which will be understood once major companies and MNCS pull out of Bangalore and relocate to Chennai or places where there in the sensible handling of issues like this.

Do you want to have situations where youngsters try to burn themselves which happened in Chennai today because of a leader whose speech propelled the guy to do so? Who will answer his family now ? 

You might post a few condolences memes for  a week or so. What next? What will happen to that family? Can someone remember a person named K.Muthukumar who committed suicide for SriLanka issue? Any idea what happened to his family now? No one knows or cares.
That's what happens to people who die in the name of Language, religion or region. Imagine if AIADMK and DMK joined these  protests in Cauvery issue, how many such incidents will happen? We would be having Lot of forgotten Muthukumars.

All of a sudden, I see a lot of tamil protectors jumped from the sky overnight. If those protectors know what happened in 1991, they won't be posting any memes that create hatred. I request all those overnight Cauvery protectors to learn about the 1991 Cauvery riots before posting another meme.

In this situation, I strongly feel that the ruling AIADMK and the Opposition DMK are doing their best that is to keep calm and do the routine tasks.

Same goes to Cine industry as well. I am glad that they are also maintaining sensible handling of the issue, unlike Karnataka cine industry.

This s a very rare scene in TN politics where both these parties are in the same frequency. Though a lot of ppl hate these two parties, I have to salute these parties on handling last few days politics. Otherwise, Tamilnadu would be BURNING now.

If you agree to what ever is discussed, do not miss to express your opinion. Share this to your friends and let us ensure that everyone understand their role during public rivalary. 

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