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Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Experience and Learning in Chennai Rain and Flood Relief Activity 2015

Having been graduated from saninik school and 9 years of being in NCC (6 years of School + 3 years of college), there is no wonder me going and helping the needy during natural calamity.

Yes, it was in Dec 02, 2015 early morning at 5:30 AM, I received a call from uncle and he asked me what is the status of the rain in your area? He also added, there was a heavy rain in Chennai and her daughter's house was fully drown. She vacated the house in mid night 1 'O' Clock. I was sleeping on my cot and I told my uncle that there is no rain and I am safe. Later, I disconnected the call and took another nap. It was almost 6:45 AM and I was thinking whether to get up and get ready for office? Finally, I got up and tried to get down from my cot. I was shocked when I found water level inside my house till my knees. This is how I came to know about flood. I dropped the idea of going to office as my house was not in good condition.

Amudhakumar - Chennai Rain Flood Relief Activity 2015
Amudhakumar - Chennai Rain Flood Relief Activity 2015

How Ended Up Involving in Flood Relief Activity?

Once I came to know my house was flooded, I decided to stay on my cot for long time thinking that water will drain out automatically after some time. But, the water level did not reduce. The power was also shut down after some tile. With no other option left out, I decided to go out and have a cup of coffee. I went out and found it was not raining. I found the roads were clean and filled with water. I found several people carrying few things and moving away in ECR (East Coast Road). I also walked through periayar street till the end and found the canal water entered into houses.

The residents of those area were migrating to a safer place. I just f\observed the crowd and found it was noisy and there was no issues. I was searching for a tea stall. I came back to ECR and went to Palavakkam Arch. When I reached there, I found several people flocking around and fighting for something. When I went near to them, I came to know that the people were escorted from the flood affected areas and kept in Municipal School, Paalavakkam. The crowd and fight was for the break fast that was distributed to them.

When I saw this incident, I could not resist my self from being helping them to get organized. With great difficulty I entered in to the crowd and reached the place where the pongal was distributed. I raised my voice above all and commanded few people to form a line. But, this did not happen suddenly. The people were fighting for food. However, with continuous effort, the people started forming a line and others started following the line. The break fast was distributed. After the distribution, I found 3 to 4  young and energetic volunteers joined with me and told me, sir if you stay with us for lunch time, the food will be distributed without any issues. Then, I decided to be with them. With the help of four volunteers, we took the head count of the total crowd. This is how the first day moved till noon.

How I Managed to Distribute Flood Relief Material to The Needy?

As mentioned earlier, I took the head count of the total people in the relief center and it was 275. For distribution purpose, I rounded off the head count to 300 members. These 300 members were distributed across 6 class rooms in municipal school, paalavakkam. I found the following people in the relief centers:

  • Couples with less than 1 year old baby.
  • Senior Citizens (single and couple)
  • School going kids
  • Adults and ladies in the age group of 20 to 45 years.
  • Handicapped people.

Having observed all these, I allocated each person a room and told them every time we receive a contribution from any volunteers, it should not reach  a single group of people and the concept if survival of the fittest will not work out. The whole idea was "Someone should not get everything, but everyone should get some thing." With all our efforts we were serving the people in full swing. We did not expect anyone's help, we did not expect any return, we did not wait for any command from any one. We did what we are suppose to do for someone one in need.

Here is when I got introduced to one of the corporation staff Mr.Malayarajan (Health Inspector). He was straight forward, kind and very good listener. He observed my activities for some time. I helped few volunteers in communication (English). Hence, he told me to continue serving the people. With the pride and happiness, I continued my service.

Meeting the Real Heroes

Meeting the real heroes. I am referring to all the volunteers who came forward and extended your help in supplying all the items to the best of your ability. The support was from round the corners. The different volunteers are:

- Cine and Serial artists.
- Public People
- NGO's
- Youngsters.

I could not remember several people names and unable to take any photos as the mobile phones are dead. Few heroes I remember are as follows:

  • Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthy (Kitty) - Film Artist.
  • A young serial artist (He plays dual role as brother for Ramya Krishnan in one of tamil serial(Character name is Shakthi)).
  • Ms.Clara and group of 6 foreigner.
  • Mr.Rajesh and Mr.Ajeesh

I am extremely sorry for not having the complete database of volunteers. However, I would like to thank you all from my heart for extending your help.

My Learning or Take Away from Flood Relief Activity Chenai, 2015

  • Humanity is alive and any other social evil will soon disappear.
  • There is always negative people and positive people in any walks of life.
  • It is only food, dress and a place to stay is important to lead a life any other things are just luxury.
  • Till there are people to give away something, there is always people who will lie that they do not have anything.

Conclusion about Chennai Flood Relief Activity 2015

Due to my participation in the relief activity of natural calamity, I have earned the following things which money can not give me.

  • A self pride and satisfaction on helping the people in need.
  • Love and affection from people who are benefited.
  • A vote of thanks and a smile in every person face in relief center.
The most valuable asset I got is this statement "Yaar Veetu Pillayo, Namakku Uthavi Seiuthu."  and "Un Gunathakku Neeyum un pillai kuttihalum Nalla Irupeenga". I heard this statement from the people in the venue.


  1. humanity rose above all, during the calamity and still its warmth is felt. people from length and breadth of our country empathised and celebrated the feeling of compassion which chennai (TAMIL NADU) demonstrated. mr.amudhakumar you have done an exemplary job. you work is greatly appreciable buddy, and my wishes for you to keep engaging in social life. kudos to you my friend.

    1. Thank you jayamurugan for your complements. I also came to know about your activities during flood and post flood relief activities. Proud of you. Salute to the all the heroes who put their heart and soul to help others.

  2. Superb! Amudha Kumar.. You are the best!! :-)

    1. Thank you Sathyanarayanan for your complements.


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