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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Incident at Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple Thiruvidanthai - A Million Dollar Worth Take Away

Thiruvidanthai Temple Location

Me and my wife along with my in laws, went to one of the famous temple near Chennai. The name of the temple is Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple. It is located at a placed called Thiruvidanthai in Kanchipuram district. Almost 5 KM from Kovalam.

Thiruvidanthai Nithya Kalyana Perumal temple is famous for the belief that if the marriage is getting delayed for someone, they will get married soon after visiting that temple. However, married couple also visits this temple for several religious purposes.

As I have the  habit of reading books, I read that God will always appear in front of you not directly but through someone as a messenger. Once the message is conveyed to you,  the messenger will go away. I  read this in a book named "Conversations with God"

After reading this book, whenever, I go out and meet new people, I always think that the person next to me is a messenger from God and I am meeting him today because, god wants to convey something important to me.

Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple
Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple

Details About The Scenario in Thiruvidanthai Temple

When we entered the temple and started standing in the queue, it was little rush. All four of us tried to stand together in the queue. There was another family standing next to us. They are the family of four people father, mother and two young and cute sons. When we started to stand in the queue, I suddenly heard a loud voice with angry tone "What the hell are you doing here? why not move forward in the queue?". It was the voice from the father of two sons. This person was shouting at the elder son who was standing in the queue.

Based on his activities, I could figure out that he is highly concerned about time and not comfortable in public with crowd. Indirectly, he is always trying to be perfect by pointing out others mistakes. Later, I spoke to him for some time and came to know that he is working in one of the MNC in an senior level.

His dad continued to yell at the 10 year old boy. He also used few bad words like wtf, and f**k and all kind of stuff. Later, he started scolding his wife stating that, we could have started earlier and reached the venue. We should have not come to perumal temple on Saturday. It is taking more time, the queue is very long. However, his wife was very silent and learned to manage the situation. The total family and other people standing there felt uneasy. because of his activity. I figured out that this person is more concerned about the time rather than the happiness and the respect for the family.

After standing in the queue, at some point of time, I could not control my emotions, I was about to ask the person that sir, we are in a temple and this place is meant for peace, tranquility and happiness in the family. Using few bad words, getting angry and yelling at someone is not the right thing to do. However, I did not say anything to him as he too has his own rights to express his freedom. Moreover, what if this person starts opposing my suggestions and if it ends up in argument. This may lead to loss of respect for me in my family in front of my in laws in public.

In the mean time, he started googling about Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple and its related history and shared to his sons. He also took his younger son who is 3 years old and put him on his shoulders. This showed me that he would love to put his son under comfort zone though he feels the pain. Finally, he and his family next to us, worshiped lord perumal.

The Million Dollar Worth Take Away from This Incident

I hope you understand the scenario that I have depicted above. Even though we might be working for an MNC in senior positions and time is really a constraint. However, when it comes to spending time with family is at most important. Our family members expect not only money from us, but they expect respect, love, care and most important is the time with them.

When we take time from our busy schedule and decided to go out with the family to the places like temple, we must ensure that all the family members are feeling comfortable with us and are happy. After returning home, the trip made should bring home the happiness and not another conflict. If it brings conflict, then there is no use of taking the family outside and spending time with them.

If something is not happening as expected, we can understand the situation and ensure that our loved ones are not hurt with the words that are used in the scenario. Because the safety, respect, happiness, love and care for family is more important than anything in this world.
Few kind words like what if the crowd is high, we will wait in the queue and get blessings from god can be used. I am sure, the words we use are purely our choice and we can use the most pleasant and positive words.

After seeing this scenario, I took a resolution that when I go out with my family members, I will never shout at them even if the mistake is on their side. I will choose the kind words to be used and ensure that they are not embarrassed in the scenario. If you feel that the resolution I have taken is worth, you can share this article and share it with your friends.

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