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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Special Doodle by Google on My Birthday

I am turning 27 years old today July 03, 2014. Google designed a special Doodle for my birthday and displayed it on my Google home screen. But, we always expect the birthday from someone who always feel special about. the stunning moment is yet to come.

Before, I start celebrating my birthday, I have received advanced wishes from school mates, college mates and office colleagues. It really gave me a special feeling that this day is for me. I also understood the value of appreciating someone on the special day like birthday.

Already, I wrote an article in getting a special Doodle on your birthday from  Google. As I have mentioned, Google wished "Happy Birthday Amudhan!". Find the screenshot below:

Special Doodle by Google on My Birthday
Special Doodle by Google on My Birthday
To know how to get your personalized Doodle from Google on your BirthDay, visit the link below:

Celebrate your Birth Day with Googel! Get your personalized Google Doodle on your birthday 

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