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Monday, June 23, 2014

Received My first payment from Google for $101.95 today

Recently, I wrote an article My Tech Blog Reached  105 visitors. Now, it is the time the express the excitement as I have found the fruit on the tree.

Today, I received my first payment from Google for partnering with its Google Adsense program. This is my first international transaction on WIRE transfer. I am really feeling happy because I have learned to use my free time and free resources available in the internet.

My First Google Payment
My First Google Payment

I am maintaining my primary Teach blog "E Info Book" and receive the major earning from this blog. My personal blog also contributed to this income. I came to know about blogging and Google Adsense program in 2005. Since then, I am passionate about blogging. However, I did not have a right mentor in implementing it effectively.

Now, I have seen several professional blogger like +Amit Agarwal, +Harsh Agrawal and many more people. Getting inspiration from them and learning from their activities and practices. I hope I can reach the milestone very soon.

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