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Friday, June 27, 2014

25th year Birthday wishes To Suresh Kumar from Tirupur

Hi Suresh, I am really happy and excited to wish you Happy Birthday to you. I know you from our College days in Park's College, Chinnakarai Tirupur. Let all your dreams come true on your birthday today and prosper in every aspect of life in the years to come.

I really thank god and your parents for giving such a incredible friend in my life. Even though, I have never got an opportunity to spend time with you in college days, I have always been inspired by your simplicity and sincerity and dedication towards your responsibilities. In my 3 years of college life with you, I have never seen you taking something for granted. 

You have always been in formal and your dressing sense really portrayed the character of your friend circle and kind of teachers you had in your school days.

My Opinion about you based on 3 years of college are:

  • You have a very good pleasing personality
  • You are easy to move and kind in character.
  • You have never hurted someone.
  • You have a very good sense of dressing. Keep it Up
  • You have always been very cool and never tensed up.
  • Every time you speak about someone, the respect you give them has made me realize that I need to adopt the same habit and I am doing too.

Things I have learned from you:

  • How to respect people. I have always seen you talking about a professor with the suffix sir or mam. I have followed it since learned from you.
  • You are very cool. This made me realize that I am already short tempered and you have been an inspiration in this aspect.
  • You are always simple, kind and dedicated to your responsibilities. I like it.
It is said that every person who comes and goes away from your life has a purpose to it that is assigned by God for conveying a message as a messenger. In my life you have been a messenger from god to me to make me learn what I have mentioned above.

My suggestion to you on your birthday is:

Live the life for you. Never make other to steal your dreams. Never ever give up your parents under any reason or scenario.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Received My first payment from Google for $101.95 today

Recently, I wrote an article My Tech Blog Reached  105 visitors. Now, it is the time the express the excitement as I have found the fruit on the tree.

Today, I received my first payment from Google for partnering with its Google Adsense program. This is my first international transaction on WIRE transfer. I am really feeling happy because I have learned to use my free time and free resources available in the internet.

My First Google Payment
My First Google Payment

I am maintaining my primary Teach blog "E Info Book" and receive the major earning from this blog. My personal blog also contributed to this income. I came to know about blogging and Google Adsense program in 2005. Since then, I am passionate about blogging. However, I did not have a right mentor in implementing it effectively.

Now, I have seen several professional blogger like +Amit Agarwal, +Harsh Agrawal and many more people. Getting inspiration from them and learning from their activities and practices. I hope I can reach the milestone very soon.

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The beautiful rose in our home garden with water droplets.

Happy birthday to Richard Antony McDonald

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to +Richard Antony McDonald

It's my pleasure to wish Richard for his birthday. I know +Richard Antony McDonald from the day when when he joined +CSS Corporation Pvt Ltd. We were bonded with the three letter NCC earlier and another three letter CSS now and always united with the six letter word Indian.

I would term him as a perfect Gentleman and his behavior, attitude and level of confidence. I always feel comfortable in calling him as Richie and I have named him as Dhushman. Several funny moments to share like playing in the floor with the paper ball.

He shared one video from his mobile and I love the video for ever as it made and will make me smile whenever I watch this video. You may also view the video by clicking this linkPom Pom song by a cute Korean girl.

Richard Antony McDonald
To say something about him, he is highly patriotic and inspired and a democratic leader. He has been sharing lots of his history and they were inspirational to me. He is friendly and strait froward in nature. I truly enjoy his friendship and really feeling blessed to have such a person as a friend in my life. I would like take this opportunity to thank their parents and convey my regards to them.

I would like to thanks his parents and +Richard Antony McDonald for being a part of my life in CSS carrier.

I wish all his dreams come true as soon as possible and All The Best for his future.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

My Tech Blog "E- Info Book" received 103 pageviews today.

Wow! Long journey starts with a small step. I started taking blogging as a profession in my free time for the past four months when I could do nothing in my free time in this competitive world where money was a constraint for me. 

Thanks to my mentor +Kamal Raj Guptha R for inspiring and mentoring me in balancing my business, Job and blogging during adverse situations. I started updating the tech blog "E-Info Book" irrespective of the results, I started posting articles every day. Now, it has yielded a decent result and a great hope that I can make miracles. 

Thanks my office colleague, Blogger and my business partner +umapathy sekar for inspiring me and and being a part of my blogging and Amway journey.

I would like to thank Ambareeson Udaykumar, who is my schoolfriend for letting me know about few activities that are termed as spam. I could able to arrest those activities.

As mentioned in the book, "The Magic of Thinking Big", I decided to take blogging as a profession and a second source of residual income along with my Amway business. Today, I have reached the maximum page views of 105 page views to my tech blog "E-Info Book" This was complete organic traffic. I am sure, I will reach minimum 1000 page views per day very soon.

If you think what is the big deal in getting such a traffic to a site. I would like to highlight that I am using my spare time apart from my job and Amway business. Even though it is my hobby, I have received 15 followers in Google Plus page, 52 Likes in E Info Book Facebook page and around 50 visitors at an average per day. This is not going to stop and will increase more visitors in the future to come.

In this four months, using my free time, I have made $101.00 from Google Adsense program and accumulated around $25.00 from info links advertisement programs. Is it worth making $125.00 with your free time in your hobby?

Thanks to all my visitors and subscribers of my "E-Info Book" blog. You have been supporting from the day one. The first person to like my Facebook Page was me (+Amudhan Raju ). The 50th person to like my page was Tamil Selvi. Thank you Tamil Selvi for helping me to reach my first milestone 50 likes in Facebook page. Currently, I have 53 likes and and targeting towards the next milestone of 100 likes in my Facebook page and 50 subscribers in my Google Plus page.

If you are still not a part of the person in my Facebook page like or Google Plus page, no problem. I am looking forward to participate in my next milestone of 100 likes in my Facebook page and 50 subscribers in my Google Plus page

Will you be the one of the person in my success story?

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