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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tiruppur to Chennai train journey experience

I went for a friend's marriage and spent two days in tiruppur. To reach Chennai as early as possible, I decided to board 12680/Coimbatore-Chennai Central InterCity SF Express at 06:55 AM instead of boarding the regular train at 03:30 PM on the same day.

My sister woke me up at 05 AM. I packed my luggage, got ready and reached Tiruppur railway station at 06:35 AM. After standing in the queue for long time, I took an open ticket and reached the train platform.

After some time I decided to listen to my favorite songs from my mobile. I took the headset and connected the headsets and with full volume, I listened to Mr.Ilayaraja songs. I checked the time in my mobile and found it was 6:55 AM. This is my train arrival time for Tiruppur Railway Station.

Tiruppur Railway Station
Tiruppur Railway Station

There was heavy crowd. I saw towards the right and found the train approached majestically. Till then I was listening to songs. Due to high volume, I did not notice the announcement. I boarded the train and got in to D8 compartment.

I saw the crowd inside the train was less and the crowd at the platform remained almost the same. I was bit suspicious . Because, it will be the Chennai train which will be crowded always. However, I did not care and boarded the train.

I unloaded my luggage and peeped out of the train compartment door. To my surprise, I found the general compartment was free and more seats were available. I got down from 2nd seater class and boarded the general compartment. I was sitting on the seat for some time and decided to lie down in the luggage berth. I slept for about 2 hours.

I remember crossing Erode junction, Salem junction. But, I was highly involved in listening to the melodies of maestro Ilayaraja. After sometime, I got down and washed my face. Stood on the floorboard and enjoyed the wind blowing due to the rushing train along with the melody songs. I noticed, a old lady was sleeping on the floor near toilet. Two person were sitting along with her offered food and money to the old lady. Then they were discussing about their journey.

The person told, he is going to thirupathi.

I thought, he boarded the wrong train. I was about to say, this train will not go to thirupathi. However, I did not tell him as he may get down in between and catch another train.
The train stopped at Morappur station. I got down from general compartment boarded the reserved compartment as  my luggage was there. The train was still standing on the station.

One person rushed towards me and asked, sir is it intercity express? 

I removed my headphones and asked him with a command over my voice "Where you want to go?" He said, Chennai. I told him this the train and board as soon as possible. However, that person checked the name list and his name was not there in the list. He left.

Another gentleman who was standing on the platform was very calm and composed told this is Coimbatore to Thirupathi train.

 I told him is it not Chennai express?

I got down and checked the train board and realized I boarded the wrong train. The beauty is I was cool and never tensed. I suddenly took the train number and with the help of my GPRS connection I checked the route of the train and found this train will go till Katpadi junction. Then, boarded the train and decided to get down at Katpadi and catch the Coimbatore to Chennai express from there.

Tirupur to Chennai Katpaadi Junction
Tirupur to Chennai Katpaadi Junction

 As per plan, I got down at Katpadi Junction and took Coimbatore to Chennai Express and reached Chennai. Reached home and had a heavy lunch and had a sound sleep.

Lesson Learned from this journey: 

  • Always confirm any action before doing it instead of assuming it. Going by your heart is always good. But, must prioritize activities. If I would have not listened to music, I would have listened to the announcement and boarded the train.
  • As mentioned in the film "Conversations with God", you will always get a message from god through a messenger. Here, I received four messengers who made me realize I boarded the incorrect train and need to take action.
Messenger 1:  The crowd in the Railway Station remained same and the UR compartment was free.

Messenger 2: A person and a old lady discussing about their journey and the person stating "He is going to Tirupathi"  

Messenger 3: The person who approached me for clarification for Chennai train.

Messenger 4:   The gentle man who told me this is Coimbatore to Tirupathi express.

God always guides at right direction towards our betterment. He also sends us the messenger each time when we need some assistance. All we need to do is listen to the messenger. When we ignore the messenger, we may miss what god may give to us.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fresh mangos from our garden

Mango! When I hear this fruit's name, I think of my school study holidays for annual exam.

After studying for hours together, we use to be a group of students and go to our Dhayanchand hockey play ground in our school to get mangoes. At times we were also caught by our superendent Mr. Williams, Mr.Nagaraj (Bhoj) and Mr.Raju. However, we will always manage to escape.

Those golden memories came to my mind when saw our home garden mango tree with lots of mangos in it.

The tongue is the same and the taste of mango also remains the same. Only my age is different. I just had a look around and no one was there from our house owner family. I starred to collect mangos. I brought those to my house. I cut them into pieces and mixed with salt and ate few of them.

For about half an hour, I felt like a small child. I thought about those moments and with a fine smile on my face, I went to sleep with those golden memories.

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