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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pom Pom Song by a Cute Korean Girl. I Really Did Not UnderstandAnything. But, I love It.

The Pom Pom Song by this girl will win your heart for sure. After watching this video, you will watch it again and again. You cant restrict yourself from sharing this to your friends.

I really  love to share the feel which I had after watching this video. First of all the music for this video is really nice and nicely edited. The tone of the girl and the body language she has at this age makes me wonder. The movement of her eyes and hands in sync with the background music is amazing.

The movement she makes by cute walk by just moving her shoulders and coming back to the same position makes me go crazy. Finally, when she raises her tone before closing the song really makes me to watch it again and again. 

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