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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Special Doodle by Google on My Birthday

I am turning 27 years old today July 03, 2014. Google designed a special Doodle for my birthday and displayed it on my Google home screen. But, we always expect the birthday from someone who always feel special about. the stunning moment is yet to come.

Before, I start celebrating my birthday, I have received advanced wishes from school mates, college mates and office colleagues. It really gave me a special feeling that this day is for me. I also understood the value of appreciating someone on the special day like birthday.

Already, I wrote an article in getting a special Doodle on your birthday from  Google. As I have mentioned, Google wished "Happy Birthday Amudhan!". Find the screenshot below:

Special Doodle by Google on My Birthday
Special Doodle by Google on My Birthday
To know how to get your personalized Doodle from Google on your BirthDay, visit the link below:

Celebrate your Birth Day with Googel! Get your personalized Google Doodle on your birthday 

Friday, June 27, 2014

25th year Birthday wishes To Suresh Kumar from Tirupur

Hi Suresh, I am really happy and excited to wish you Happy Birthday to you. I know you from our College days in Park's College, Chinnakarai Tirupur. Let all your dreams come true on your birthday today and prosper in every aspect of life in the years to come.

I really thank god and your parents for giving such a incredible friend in my life. Even though, I have never got an opportunity to spend time with you in college days, I have always been inspired by your simplicity and sincerity and dedication towards your responsibilities. In my 3 years of college life with you, I have never seen you taking something for granted. 

You have always been in formal and your dressing sense really portrayed the character of your friend circle and kind of teachers you had in your school days.

My Opinion about you based on 3 years of college are:

  • You have a very good pleasing personality
  • You are easy to move and kind in character.
  • You have never hurted someone.
  • You have a very good sense of dressing. Keep it Up
  • You have always been very cool and never tensed up.
  • Every time you speak about someone, the respect you give them has made me realize that I need to adopt the same habit and I am doing too.

Things I have learned from you:

  • How to respect people. I have always seen you talking about a professor with the suffix sir or mam. I have followed it since learned from you.
  • You are very cool. This made me realize that I am already short tempered and you have been an inspiration in this aspect.
  • You are always simple, kind and dedicated to your responsibilities. I like it.
It is said that every person who comes and goes away from your life has a purpose to it that is assigned by God for conveying a message as a messenger. In my life you have been a messenger from god to me to make me learn what I have mentioned above.

My suggestion to you on your birthday is:

Live the life for you. Never make other to steal your dreams. Never ever give up your parents under any reason or scenario.

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Fun friday Celebration Photo in Office

Monday, June 23, 2014

Received My first payment from Google for $101.95 today

Recently, I wrote an article My Tech Blog Reached  105 visitors. Now, it is the time the express the excitement as I have found the fruit on the tree.

Today, I received my first payment from Google for partnering with its Google Adsense program. This is my first international transaction on WIRE transfer. I am really feeling happy because I have learned to use my free time and free resources available in the internet.

My First Google Payment
My First Google Payment

I am maintaining my primary Teach blog "E Info Book" and receive the major earning from this blog. My personal blog also contributed to this income. I came to know about blogging and Google Adsense program in 2005. Since then, I am passionate about blogging. However, I did not have a right mentor in implementing it effectively.

Now, I have seen several professional blogger like +Amit Agarwal, +Harsh Agrawal and many more people. Getting inspiration from them and learning from their activities and practices. I hope I can reach the milestone very soon.

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Happy birthday to Richard Antony McDonald

Reading the book Think and Grow Rich 

The beautiful rose in our home garden with water droplets.

Happy birthday to Richard Antony McDonald

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to +Richard Antony McDonald

It's my pleasure to wish Richard for his birthday. I know +Richard Antony McDonald from the day when when he joined +CSS Corporation Pvt Ltd. We were bonded with the three letter NCC earlier and another three letter CSS now and always united with the six letter word Indian.

I would term him as a perfect Gentleman and his behavior, attitude and level of confidence. I always feel comfortable in calling him as Richie and I have named him as Dhushman. Several funny moments to share like playing in the floor with the paper ball.

He shared one video from his mobile and I love the video for ever as it made and will make me smile whenever I watch this video. You may also view the video by clicking this linkPom Pom song by a cute Korean girl.

Richard Antony McDonald
To say something about him, he is highly patriotic and inspired and a democratic leader. He has been sharing lots of his history and they were inspirational to me. He is friendly and strait froward in nature. I truly enjoy his friendship and really feeling blessed to have such a person as a friend in my life. I would like take this opportunity to thank their parents and convey my regards to them.

I would like to thanks his parents and +Richard Antony McDonald for being a part of my life in CSS carrier.

I wish all his dreams come true as soon as possible and All The Best for his future.

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Birth Day baby Aarthi. Are we missing something in our life?

Tiruppur to Chennai train journey experience

Friday, June 20, 2014

My Tech Blog "E- Info Book" received 103 pageviews today.

Wow! Long journey starts with a small step. I started taking blogging as a profession in my free time for the past four months when I could do nothing in my free time in this competitive world where money was a constraint for me. 

Thanks to my mentor +Kamal Raj Guptha R for inspiring and mentoring me in balancing my business, Job and blogging during adverse situations. I started updating the tech blog "E-Info Book" irrespective of the results, I started posting articles every day. Now, it has yielded a decent result and a great hope that I can make miracles. 

Thanks my office colleague, Blogger and my business partner +umapathy sekar for inspiring me and and being a part of my blogging and Amway journey.

I would like to thank Ambareeson Udaykumar, who is my schoolfriend for letting me know about few activities that are termed as spam. I could able to arrest those activities.

As mentioned in the book, "The Magic of Thinking Big", I decided to take blogging as a profession and a second source of residual income along with my Amway business. Today, I have reached the maximum page views of 105 page views to my tech blog "E-Info Book" This was complete organic traffic. I am sure, I will reach minimum 1000 page views per day very soon.

If you think what is the big deal in getting such a traffic to a site. I would like to highlight that I am using my spare time apart from my job and Amway business. Even though it is my hobby, I have received 15 followers in Google Plus page, 52 Likes in E Info Book Facebook page and around 50 visitors at an average per day. This is not going to stop and will increase more visitors in the future to come.

In this four months, using my free time, I have made $101.00 from Google Adsense program and accumulated around $25.00 from info links advertisement programs. Is it worth making $125.00 with your free time in your hobby?

Thanks to all my visitors and subscribers of my "E-Info Book" blog. You have been supporting from the day one. The first person to like my Facebook Page was me (+Amudhan Raju ). The 50th person to like my page was Tamil Selvi. Thank you Tamil Selvi for helping me to reach my first milestone 50 likes in Facebook page. Currently, I have 53 likes and and targeting towards the next milestone of 100 likes in my Facebook page and 50 subscribers in my Google Plus page.

If you are still not a part of the person in my Facebook page like or Google Plus page, no problem. I am looking forward to participate in my next milestone of 100 likes in my Facebook page and 50 subscribers in my Google Plus page

Will you be the one of the person in my success story?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tiruppur to Chennai train journey experience

I went for a friend's marriage and spent two days in tiruppur. To reach Chennai as early as possible, I decided to board 12680/Coimbatore-Chennai Central InterCity SF Express at 06:55 AM instead of boarding the regular train at 03:30 PM on the same day.

My sister woke me up at 05 AM. I packed my luggage, got ready and reached Tiruppur railway station at 06:35 AM. After standing in the queue for long time, I took an open ticket and reached the train platform.

After some time I decided to listen to my favorite songs from my mobile. I took the headset and connected the headsets and with full volume, I listened to Mr.Ilayaraja songs. I checked the time in my mobile and found it was 6:55 AM. This is my train arrival time for Tiruppur Railway Station.

Tiruppur Railway Station
Tiruppur Railway Station

There was heavy crowd. I saw towards the right and found the train approached majestically. Till then I was listening to songs. Due to high volume, I did not notice the announcement. I boarded the train and got in to D8 compartment.

I saw the crowd inside the train was less and the crowd at the platform remained almost the same. I was bit suspicious . Because, it will be the Chennai train which will be crowded always. However, I did not care and boarded the train.

I unloaded my luggage and peeped out of the train compartment door. To my surprise, I found the general compartment was free and more seats were available. I got down from 2nd seater class and boarded the general compartment. I was sitting on the seat for some time and decided to lie down in the luggage berth. I slept for about 2 hours.

I remember crossing Erode junction, Salem junction. But, I was highly involved in listening to the melodies of maestro Ilayaraja. After sometime, I got down and washed my face. Stood on the floorboard and enjoyed the wind blowing due to the rushing train along with the melody songs. I noticed, a old lady was sleeping on the floor near toilet. Two person were sitting along with her offered food and money to the old lady. Then they were discussing about their journey.

The person told, he is going to thirupathi.

I thought, he boarded the wrong train. I was about to say, this train will not go to thirupathi. However, I did not tell him as he may get down in between and catch another train.
The train stopped at Morappur station. I got down from general compartment boarded the reserved compartment as  my luggage was there. The train was still standing on the station.

One person rushed towards me and asked, sir is it intercity express? 

I removed my headphones and asked him with a command over my voice "Where you want to go?" He said, Chennai. I told him this the train and board as soon as possible. However, that person checked the name list and his name was not there in the list. He left.

Another gentleman who was standing on the platform was very calm and composed told this is Coimbatore to Thirupathi train.

 I told him is it not Chennai express?

I got down and checked the train board and realized I boarded the wrong train. The beauty is I was cool and never tensed. I suddenly took the train number and with the help of my GPRS connection I checked the route of the train and found this train will go till Katpadi junction. Then, boarded the train and decided to get down at Katpadi and catch the Coimbatore to Chennai express from there.

Tirupur to Chennai Katpaadi Junction
Tirupur to Chennai Katpaadi Junction

 As per plan, I got down at Katpadi Junction and took Coimbatore to Chennai Express and reached Chennai. Reached home and had a heavy lunch and had a sound sleep.

Lesson Learned from this journey: 

  • Always confirm any action before doing it instead of assuming it. Going by your heart is always good. But, must prioritize activities. If I would have not listened to music, I would have listened to the announcement and boarded the train.
  • As mentioned in the film "Conversations with God", you will always get a message from god through a messenger. Here, I received four messengers who made me realize I boarded the incorrect train and need to take action.
Messenger 1:  The crowd in the Railway Station remained same and the UR compartment was free.

Messenger 2: A person and a old lady discussing about their journey and the person stating "He is going to Tirupathi"  

Messenger 3: The person who approached me for clarification for Chennai train.

Messenger 4:   The gentle man who told me this is Coimbatore to Tirupathi express.

God always guides at right direction towards our betterment. He also sends us the messenger each time when we need some assistance. All we need to do is listen to the messenger. When we ignore the messenger, we may miss what god may give to us.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fresh mangos from our garden

Mango! When I hear this fruit's name, I think of my school study holidays for annual exam.

After studying for hours together, we use to be a group of students and go to our Dhayanchand hockey play ground in our school to get mangoes. At times we were also caught by our superendent Mr. Williams, Mr.Nagaraj (Bhoj) and Mr.Raju. However, we will always manage to escape.

Those golden memories came to my mind when saw our home garden mango tree with lots of mangos in it.

The tongue is the same and the taste of mango also remains the same. Only my age is different. I just had a look around and no one was there from our house owner family. I starred to collect mangos. I brought those to my house. I cut them into pieces and mixed with salt and ate few of them.

For about half an hour, I felt like a small child. I thought about those moments and with a fine smile on my face, I went to sleep with those golden memories.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Going to broken bridge in Besent Nagar

Another moment to cherish. After the rest on the complete night I got up around 02:30 AM.

Later my roommate Krishna got up and Praveen next. We were just talking. As it was early morning I suggested to go out.

We decided to go to Broken Bridge in Besent Nagar. Krishna and Praveen will ride the bike and I will take the bus route.

I am waiting for the the bus in Ambattur OT. Will upload and share more photos filled with fun.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dr.APJ. Abdul kalam speech in European union silver jubilee year.

Ladies and Gentle Men, I am indeed delighted to be with the honorable members of the European parliament on the occasion of the golden jubilee year of the European Union Parliament.

I am reminded of a dream of a Indian Poet Kaniyan poonkundranaar who articulate in 3000 years back in tamil classic puranaanooru. He says "Yaathum Oore, Yaavarum Keleer". Which means, I am world citizen and every citizen is my own kit and kin. He said 3000 years back. As we say in India, Where there is righteousness in the heart, There is a beauty in the character. When there is a beauty in the character, there is a harmony in the home. When there is a there is a harmony in the home, there is harmony and there is order in the nation. When there is harmony and order in the nation, there is a peace in the world.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

First try. Opening ceremony of my room mate's beer shampoo....

First time in my life, trying beer shampoo. I always use Santinique shampoo from Amway. My new room mate Praveen Kumar bought this wonderful product and I was shocked when I first saw it. Later understood that it is a shampoo.

Now and in future I always love Santinique shampoo from Amway.
Beer Shampoo

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thank you Hari for sharing my photos of Independence day 2010

My friend and my junior Hari shared many of my photos that was taken in 2010. It was a surprise to me as I was not aware of thesephotos.
From Left Sgt.Kalpana, Sgt.Dhanalakshmi, CUO.Kannan, CPL.Kumaresan, SUO.Amudhakumar, Lt.Jayaselan, CUO Jayachandran, CPL Muthukumar, SGT Karthikeyan, CPL.Ramkumar
From Left Sgt.Kalpana, Sgt.Dhanalakshmi, CUO.Kannan, CPL.Kumaresan, SUO.Amudhakumar, Lt.Jayaselan, CUO Jayachandran, CPL Muthukumar, SGT Karthikeyan, CPL.Ramkumar

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reading the book Think and Grow Rich

Currently reading Think and Grow Rich book by Napolean Hill.  This book is mind blowing and made me a mental millionaire.

A must read this book especially youngsters who are living their life without definite purpose.

Click Here to buy Think and Grow Rich book

Will update this post regularly once I continue reading it.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why do our lovable person in this world are going away from us in some point of time?

I am writing this post not because I need to write one post a day. I felt this is the right time to write when I noticed a close friend of mine posted in Facebook as he felt very sad when his best friend's father passed away. Why do our lovable person in this world are going away from us in some point of time? This really a hurting situation where we are mentally broken down and emotionally weak. But, everything is based on how we look at things. In oother words it is our choice of how we react.
At one point of time, when I was completely broken down mentally due to family issues, I received call from my mentor. In fact, I never expected his call. Unfortunately, he gave me a sudden call and inquired about my family status.

As I was emotionally weak on that day, I literally cried by expressing my situation. He counseled me and requested to read a book "Conversations with God" and watch the film in the same format. After reading the book and watching the film, I was relieved from my issues. All it did was it changed my thought process of how we look at things when we are in some adverse situation.

In this scenario, my mentor is a messenger from God who called me and guided me with the mental strength I needed via the material "Conversations with God" by Neil Walsh.
Let us take an example, we are meeting several people a day. In the same time, we are not meeting all the person every day. Few people come across in our day to day life for a second, few for a minute, few for hours and very few people for long time and life long. Have we ever thought why another person is crossing our life and going away? The reason is very simple, it is those people are messenger from god to provide the information that can make us better in every walk of life.

Whenever, you are traveling in a bus you find another stranger is siting near by for 10 to 15 or an hour near to you. Have you ever thought why on this particular day, in the particular time, in a specific bus you and the strangers are meeting? It is nothing but the persons are messenger to each other sent by god to convey a particular message. The problem is we are not aware of the messenger and we ignore or not ready to talk and take the message from him.
Please note that the situation will come on one fine day, we may be separated from our loved ones like mom, dad, brother, sister, friend due to professional reasons. However, what we need to understand is that the role assigned by god via the person going away from us is completed. His presence is no more required to make you better. In other words, they are assigned to make somebody else better by god. So if you have missed somebody very close to you, never feel guilt. It is always happening for betterment.

We must learn to tune our thinking process to keep our self strong and optimistic.

Few examples are: - 

When you have a pet and you love it most. It goes way from you and the world. It means that it had the best part it's life and you are assigned the task of taking care.

Watch the Video from the movie and listen to the conversation. All your questions will be answered.

When you love a girl too much and she does not care about you? It means that that girl is not a suitable girl for you! If you are feeling lonely, it means that you are emotionally weak and to ensure that you ar strong in the future god has sent her as a messenger.

Understand that this make yourself strong in your attitude. Never feel that you lost her. Always feel that she came into your life to make understand the orinal value or worth of a girl who is actually going to be your life partner. The same applies for girls who missed their boyfriend.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My cousin brother Manikandan and his wife Renuga devi flew to Canada today evening.

My cousin brother Manikandan and his wife Renuga devi flew to Canada today evening. I have shared the event and given few photos below:

I true this post in my travelling time from airport to office. Staying in Chennai as a bachelor and getting an opportunity to spend time with relatives and their kids is am amazing feeling. 

The flight was scheduled to be departure at 07:00 PM. But I started from Ambattur around 04:15 PM. Reached Chennai airport at 05:30 PM. By the time I reached, they were about to check in for checking and boarding.

I met them standing outside spent good and memorable time with my relatives. In the second floor of airport there was a Cafe Coffee Day restaurant.  

Everybody thought of having a cup of coffee. But when they had look at the price, all were shocked and decided to have a coffee at the exit of airport. Later we walked for10 minutes and gathered together and ordered tea for all and spent around 150 minutes. Then they moved to Chromepet and I took Avadi bus to reach office very early.
Even though we do not have the financial freedom to have a cup of coffee at Cafe Coffee Day Restaurant. We are still happy with what we have and love to thank god for what he has given to us.

But my dream of having financial free life is always a burning desire and god has this in his database when it is to be given.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hi February 2014 starts from office

My recent photos in my office. Started February 2014 with great goals. Special thanks to photographers Karthik Guna and Joseph Mohan.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pom Pom Song by a Cute Korean Girl. I Really Did Not UnderstandAnything. But, I love It.

The Pom Pom Song by this girl will win your heart for sure. After watching this video, you will watch it again and again. You cant restrict yourself from sharing this to your friends.

I really  love to share the feel which I had after watching this video. First of all the music for this video is really nice and nicely edited. The tone of the girl and the body language she has at this age makes me wonder. The movement of her eyes and hands in sync with the background music is amazing.

The movement she makes by cute walk by just moving her shoulders and coming back to the same position makes me go crazy. Finally, when she raises her tone before closing the song really makes me to watch it again and again. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The beautiful rose in our home garden with water droplets.

The beautiful rose in our home garden with water droplets.
The beautiful rose in our home garden with water droplets. It was so beautiful that I was tempted to take a photo of it. Hope you may like it.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wishing you Happy and Glorious 65th Republic Day wishes

Hi Friends, wishing you Happy and Glorious 65th Republic Day for you and your family. Others might have forgotten. But never can I. The flag of my country furls very high. So feel the patriotism and Dedications of those sacrifice that our freedom fighters made here are some of the wishes that will enlighten this spirit In you,Happy republic day

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wow! Amazon approved my affiliate request.

Whether you are aware of it or not? Internet has taken the its great leap and it is now growing from the child stage to King Kong stage. In the book "The Prosumer Power" the author clearly mentioned that in future there there will be no physical stores and everything will be a E-store.

It is evident and essential that we also grow along with the technology growing trend. As you already know that I am already having partnership with Google adsense and Infolinks. Now, my affiliate request with the leading corporate Amazon approved my request. The below email is what I received after the request is authorized:

Subject: Associates program - your application approved.

Congratulations, your application to the Associates Programme has been approved. As an approved member of the Associates Programme, you have been granted full access to Associates Central--the online resource area for Associates. It provides a complete range of features for exclusive use by our Associates.

You may login to Associates Central 24 hours a day to: Build new links Generate online earnings reports Access our extensive graphics library Update your account information To access Associates Central 24 hours a day, simply click on

Thank you for joining the Associates Programme. We look forward to working with you. 

Warmest regards,
The Associates Programme Staff Associates Programme

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The living example - Hrithik Roshan - inspiring history of never give up attitude

On January 10, 2014 I attended an attitude and personality training session in T.Nagar, Chennai. I got an opportunity to listen to a business man who made few information in my mind very strong. He is Mr.Ravi (Chemical Engineer). The information is "It needs a long, persistent, painful and strong belief with action" in achieving our goals.

He added an example of Mr.Hrithik Roshan who is a Hindi film actor and a well known celebrity. It was Mr.Hrithik Roshan's birthday on the same day and he was giving some interview on a radio show. The example goes like this. Mr.Hrithik Roshan appeared in many films as a child artist. From his childhood days he was very passionate towards dance. He was stammerer too. He practiced all fights and acting and dancing skills.
Hrithik Roshan
At the age of 21, he was diagnosed as a weak backbone patient. He consulted several specialists and international fame doctors to cure the illness. However, Mr.Hrithik Roshan was left with no hope. He was told he can never dance in the future. However, he believed in himself that he can perform better.

In the year 2000, he acted in his first film "Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai". This film was mega hit in the box office. He became a famous celebrity the next day. He also provided subsequent hits films in the same year. Mr.Ravi added, the fame did not come in a single day. It really took 21 odd years to accomplish this world class fame. This example really made me to realize that when we put our effort with whole heart continuously will surely yield the result.

The take a ways from this example for me is:

- Situation will come that may stop us from taking effort in our life when we commit our self in doing something. However, we must always look at the destination and not the distraction.

- When you believe you can, you can.

After listening this, a separate respect was created in my mind about Mr.Hrithik Roshan. I hope I will site this story to any of my friends instead of telling about a fake hero in the film.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Breakfast at Amma Unavagam

Early in the morning had a nice breakfast at Amma Unavagam. Only idly in the morning. Each costs Rs. 1. Got idly for Rs.5 and started my breakfast. The idly was hot dry and it tasted good. Good done for five rupees. The sambaar was also good. Overall the breakfast was good.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Red colour CBZ bike that caught my attention.

As Sunday was my weekly off, I had a peaceful sleep and got up around 5:00 AM Monday and was designing my blogs using my laptop.
After an hour, I just had a look at the early morning twilight and it compelled me to go for a walk.
I went outside and took a gentle walk by enjoying the air flow with chill winter effect. This climate was such wonderful that my mind was very fresh.
When I just continued to walk slowly, I found a red color CBZ bike standing on the road side.
This bike was so cute that I took 10 minutes of my time to watch it. Later, the owner of the bike came and stood near by. I introduced myself with a smile and he too responded with a gentle smile. just asked few questions to him.

His name was Gopi. He works for a mechanical manufacturing company in Ambattur industrial estate. He is also running his now conventional business by taking the milk distribution agency.  I expressed my opinion on his bike. I appreciated that his bike is very element and good colour combination. He accepted my appreciation with a smile filled with proud happiness.
Later I offered my contact number and too shared his number by giving a missed call.
The image of this bike still stands in my mind like a screenshot.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year to you and your loving and caring family my friends

Hi Friends,

Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous new year 2014. I wish each and every one person who came in to my life in 2013 and made 2013 a fantastic year. Let this new year 2014 be the most flourishing year. Let all your dreams and wishes come true.

I wish I could have been the best in loving, caring, respect and to be a role model on each person I impacted. Unfortunately, in few situations, it happens to hurt somebody's ego emotionally, mentally or physically. I really would like to apologize for all those. Would love to have those guys back in my life.

Nevertheless, I could have not reached where I am currently from where I was without hurting them.  Wishing you and your family a happy new year.

We have had a fantastic year here at the office Family which we are truly grateful for! 2013 was a great year for us, even though we didn't form the family until late in the season, it has changed our lives already! We have met and made so many friends in 2013 (many more online) and have discovered a new way of living.

Thank you for joining us me in our journey, I wish I could do one of those month by month highlights, stick around till next December and I'll have a great one!

Happy New Year to you all, may all your hopes come true for 2014.

+Kamal Raj Guptha R
+Iniyan G
+Madankumar Angusamy

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